Not Today



“Life is a balance between the light and the dark.”

Sometimes I think what life could be like if their were no heartbreaks.It would be a different world then.But reality is without broken hearts life is incomplete and without it we could never learn how to breath.

Our life have good days and bad days.The difference is good days passes us by quickly but bad days feels like forever.
As I am dealing with my worst days I hope for better days ahead and I never stop being strong.That’s what I’ve always believed in.

I just want to share with the people out their who are having a bad day.That it’s okay to feel hazy and dejected.It’s okay if you don’t feel like working.It’s okay to lay down for a while and forget what can you lose.You can do it tomorrow what you’ve missed.If you’re having a bad day then just sit, relax and calm yourself down.
Eat what you like or whenever you like.It’s okay if you don’t want to talk to anybody. We all have bad days and you don’t have to worry about it.
Just hope and be positive that tomorrow will be a new day and a fresh start.

It’s okay if you can’t sleep at nights.At times when you need it the most.No worries you’ve music, books and food by your side! And most importantly, God is always there for you.
“Flicking lighters just to fight the dark.”

It’s okay if you’re not feeling yourself today but you know you’ll be fine.
Today is not that day,maybe tomorrow.

My Kind of ‘Busy’

I lied and said “I was busy.”
I was busy;
But not in a way most people comprehend.

I was busy dealing with my mind.
I was busy planting new flowers in the garden of my mind.
I was busy plucking out the weeds.
I was busy fighting with my demons.
I was busy taking deeper breaths.
I was busy reading a book.
I was busy nourishing my mind.
I was busy watching the breathtaking sunsets.
I was busy looking at the sky full of stars.
I was busy having a conversation with the Moon.
I was busy listening to loud music.
I was busy practicing the art of silence.
I was busy living simple little moments.
I was busy dancing in the Moonlight.
I was busy praying and thanking God for everything.
I was busy learning my favorite essay.
I was busy being elated in my own world.
I was busy appreciating my flaws.
I was busy working over my anxiety.
I was busy calming my pounding heart.
I was busy growing up spiritually.
I was busy taking care of myself.
I was busy telling myself that I’m okay.

Sometimes, this is my ‘busy’
And I will not apologize for it.

Depth of Love.


She was not a open book,
For all, she was a mystery.
Her thoughts like river,
Her eyes dream to look beyond the depth,
Of her mind beneath the light,
A world dark needing a flashlight.
The intensity of her thoughts,
An ocean of feelings,
A world left unexplored,
Hidden under in the depth of the sea.
Fear was now her forever friend.
The water seemed bleak,
A place she even did not dared to go,
No courage, her mind was a wreck,
Because she knew with all deep water,
Came a deadly lack of air.
Then she saw him near the shore,
There eyes met and that was all,
A start of something magical.
Broke free from her cage,
And into the darkness they both went,
He told her not to fear her thoughts,
As he took her by the hand,
And swum deep within all the places,
That their lungs could not withstand,
In their new found love they both forget,
The importance of their breath,
And interwoven in a world they’d found,
They both drowned in it’s depths.

2017: A New Chapter.


is the year you start loving yourself

and stop hurting yourself.
It’s a year to care, to take your life
into your own hands.

The next chapter of your life is about your own well-being.It’s the time you stop looking back.To only keep a memorabilia of ecstatic days.It’s the beginning of a new year and hopefully a chance to start over, a chance to get rid of your past which is futile and weary.It’s the year you stop yourself feeling to much and put a halt on overthinking.It’s the year you stop waiting but focusing on who you want to be and what kind of life you want to be living.The year of realization that how much potential you hold within and to start knowing your worth and lose yourself freely in gales without being frightful.
It’s the year you create something that outlives you, that starts a revolution in your life.


The next chapter of your life is about to start respecting your feelings.It’s the time you stop ignoring it, or stop running from it.It’s an act of bravery to feel your feelings.
It’s the time to heal and cover the wounds.It’s the year you admit and learn from your mistakes and start all over again.There is always time to start over.The next chapter of your life is about forgiving yourself.All the mess that has been made, it’s time to gather it back.Remorse should be left behind.It’s time to collect all the bits and pieces that were lost along the way of loving.


The next chapter of your life is about forgiving people and showing kindness.It’s the year you stop wasting your time on hating or despising someone,the year of forgiveness and love.
It’s the year of faith and believing in miracles.It’s the year of living and leaving fear behind you.It’s time to stop settling for thoughts that belittle you and stops you from moving forward.It’s the time you stop doubting yourself instead start saying you deserve those things.It’s the time to start thinking you can have whatever you want.


The next chapter of your life is about your heart,mind and soul.It’s the time you mend it.It’s time to bring tranquil back to it.It’s time to nourish it and if you haven’t already, it’s time to find it.It’s time to go places and be with people who make your soul glow.The next chapter of your life is about to cherish your loved ones.It’s time to be grateful for whatever you had and still have.
The next chapter of your life is about finding yourself and that doesn’t mean you’ve to detach people or spend all nights alone, you can let as many people as you want in, as long as you’re the one holding the pen.


The next chapter of your life is about availing all the opportunities that you’re given.The next chapter of your life is only about you because you’ve been in total chaos and busy pleasing people that you’ve forgotten who you are and where you belong.It’s time to start discovering God’s extraordinary creation.It’s the year to start your search for whatever you’ve been looking for and do not settle until you know you’ve found it.

Before Turning Seventeen


I am sixteen turning seventeen in just one day.It just really makes me think that since then how much I’ve grown and how much my perception about human and life has changed.I feel pride and gratitude about how I’ve changed and survived this year.

Before the special day arrives, I want to say few things while I’m still sixteen.All the aspects of life that I’ve known made me sensible and profound.It made me realize that it is so important to love and accept yourself the way you are.

  • Yes, I do agree that sometimes the situations that are lead to us, force us to hate ourselves but everyone hate and love someone at the same time and we all do it to ourselves.I see myself in mirror but I don’t feel guilty nor I hide.I see scars,bruises everywhere but they are beautiful.Behind them are the stories untold.I am not embarrassed of my body and my face, it makes me who I am.I gaze into my eyes searching for that soul that once was lost.
  • It’s okay if you’re lost.One day you’ll find your true path.Remember to always follow your heart at any cost.For you’ll never truly find yourself if you are too sacred to get lost.Some walks you have to take alone.Remember that.
  • Be grateful for what you have.Always be thankful of God for his worthy blessings.
    Family, If there is one thing I’ve learned from this on-going journey you can’t give up on your family.Friends who makes you forget that word “Pain” and makes you realize life is a BIG PARTY! Good books! Yes I really appreciate that.If you are going to get anywhere in life you have to read a lot of books.Admirable face and wonderful health,a sweet home,a wardrobe full of your favorite clothes (and still you want more),excellent education,lucky in having impeccable teachers and the list goes on.”Train your mind and heart to see the good in everything.There is always something to be grateful for.”
  • It’s totally fine to have your heart broken once in a while.That’s how we learn and become bold.My heart is in shambles in a beautiful way.Perfectly ruined and splendidly destroyed.But as Joel Osteen said, “There are some things you can only learn in a storm.”
  • Life is too short to waste time hating anyone.Forgive people even if they are not sorry.
  • If you love something or someone, love it fully.Cherish it.Don’t take it for granted.But most importantly,show it.Life is infinite and fragile, and just because someone is there one day,it might not be the next.Everything is temporary but Love.Love outlines us all.
  • Dream big! But don’t just let it be a dream go out and make it a reality.”You know you’re on the right track when you become uninterested on looking back.”
  • When it comes to chocolate, resistance is futile. 😉
  • Listen to music! It makes healing faster.Music does a lot.It motivates and makes you stronger.
  • Do not wait too long,if your hearts in it then do it.And try if you fail.Regret doesn’t care for the one who didn’t try.
  • Do remember to kneel and pray.Because you can’t fight without God by your side.And if you ever feel unloved, God loves you more in a moment than anyone could in a lifetime.
  • Life isn’t tied with a bow, but still it’s a gift.So cherish it.Live life as it is.Live every moment.”You only get one life.It’s actually  your duty to live it as fully as possible.”

Sunset In Amsterdam.


Leaving behind all the worries,
A trauma of vicious memories.
Fighting with all the demons,
Finding the cryptic reasons.
For the questions in her heart,
That she kept asking from the start.
But instead she sat quietly,
Her tranquil gaze, her heart warmed finally.
Alone and dreaming frightfully,
And surrounded by society.
But all her thoughts came to an halt,
As the sun began to disappear.


She had a lot to talk about,
And many things to ask and say.
Whenever she sat still looking at something,
Something that just don’t mean nothing,
For others.
She felt dissipating the precious time,
When she should be out there living life.
She could spend her time better,
Because their was so much to learn.
She thought she knew what made her happy,
And what made her sad,
But it was difficult, everything was a mess.


And yet, the sun sank lower in the horizon,
Clouds filling up with rays of pink and indigo,
The exquisite scene no one could forgot,
Nor could deny how appealing it was.
She found what she was struggling for,
A scene like that was all she want.
One day be able to sit and relax,
And contemplate such a sunset.
Pictures of elegance are captured alone,
People and roaring streets unknown.


Living life is not only chasing life and dreams,
But doing what makes you happy and it seems,
The world has forget to live and breath,
The glittering of sun’s strange beams.


The one who have lived in joy
Laughed in the face of death,
Will never ever die in regret.

Kindness is contagious.


She is probably never loved,
But still she went out to spread love,
But never complained in return,
Silence and long hours of the night,
And the stars above were enough,
To cry her heart out in moonlight.
She wanted someone there at 3am,
But she thought she had asked too much,
She never judged anyone,
Cause she knows we’re only human,
She must be dope,for them it wasn’t enough.
She was always aware of people’s feeling,
But they forgot she too hold a heart,
The wounds that she bled, healing.
But the new ones replaced in a constant.
She never uttered a word of pain,
And let them devastate her again and again.


But she did all for the simple act of kindness,
But people’s mind within was utter blindness,
She believes, being kind to the humankind,
Is an act that will set you apart
From every other person because,
It shows that you have a malice-free heart.



Kindness is like the burning candle.It can light a life and show the way apart from the darkness.It can change a life and the world.With a miracle and a promise to wipe away grieve and sorrow.Kindness is a path which connects the destinations of love and hate.