I make myself through the door
a large space with a dusty floor
I sit on my top spot
which I’m very fond of.
I hear some voices from across
elated applauses and smell like alcohol
I feel cool breeze touching my skin
I never witnessed something this splendid
The clouds look so fleecy

My heart is feeling extraordinary
Nothing can stop me
to picture this exquisite scenery
My eyes can see only darkness
but the world isn’t artless
My grandma once said to me
Imagination is the key.


If you don’t imagine, nothing ever happens at all. 

John Green

.Gratitude turns what we have into enough.


HE is Enough.



When I look up at the sky
I feel some tears from my eyes.

All His creations
remind me of His existence.
He made the moon and the stars
who tell me how to fight
with the demons that come out at night
I hope He’s proud of me
As I walk strong even in storms.
He dwindles my darkness
regardless of my faults.
Without Him I can’t find peace
in silence
the words are futile
if I can’t feel His love
in the rhythm of my heart.





I lay down in bed
finally at my escape
but I am afraid
A monster conceived
heart’s naive
feeling so restless
My body trembling.
This pain is unendurable
I try to scream but the voice
has gone away.
I clutch my pillow tight
praying I’ll make it tonight.
I stand still clueless
I don’t know if I can do this.
I keep forgetting
being defenceless.
As the monsters
turnin’ my life a disaster.

A Troubled Land


I have been the one in a box
coming out, going back in always
I don’t know how to trace the dots.

I have been acquainted with this land
No honor or truth just lies so brutal
Hearts so bleak and empty minds.

I have been interrupted with fights
All days and even some nights I cried
And I would end up searching the light.

I have been the one sturdy enough
Time is running quicker than the clouds
I lose myself and finding self is tough.

Neither I was wrong nor my heart
It sung the song of innocence.
But no more, it’s now tormented
and falling apart.

I have been acquainted with this land
Who doesn’t see the time or the age.

Fading Out


With every breath you take
I see you fading away.
You’ll be gone but what about my heart?
I’m still young to be this hurt
You can’t even witness this pain
I know definitely that I’m ruined.
You are the sugar to my coffee.
The music to my soul
but this all seems so wrong,
in your arms is where I don’t belong.
I’m breaking in two. What should I do?
I’m so afraid of losing the only love that I have.
And I can see the memories,
slowly fading from my mind.


“I knew it was a risk, but loving you was as easy as breathing.”

___ Sarah Doughty

Why can’t you love me back?


I am sitting near the ocean
what I do with all the emotions?

I can’t find the solution
the love, for which my heart is exploding.
So many questions my mind is asking.
Why can’t you love me back?
Why are you not the path,
on which I want to walk?
I see myself with brooding eyes
I can see the loss etched,
when every hope dies.
Sometimes I wish to hear your voice
My heart longs to see your dreamy smile.
But No, you are not the one!
We can’t control the destiny
which has been already written.
And my heart understands for some months
But then it all comes back
I stop then, to mend the cracks.



I have questions that keep bouncing back
Why can’t you love me back?
Why can’t we rewrite the destiny?
Why you play, even a role, in my story?
I am waiting for your love so desperately.
Not having your love is like,
living in a world without colors.
Why can’t you love me back?
Because all the things I did
to lock my feelings in, gone wasted
just when I saw you laugh again.




Thousand miles away
You’re alone drifting in the dark
Full of emptiness your heart is
But I’m screaming so that
my voice can come back to you.
See the light,it calls you.
The storm is passing away slowly,
Smoke is clear so it won’t blind you.
I can see your heart burning, lately.
Don’t worry you are doing it bravely.

I can see your eyes,
it burns with passion.
I can see your smile,
it burns with compassion.
I can see the color of your soul,
it burns bright like the sun.
And I can see your broken heart,
oh how it ignites the light of love.
In your own fire you’ll find your hope.

Books will leave a Mark.



I love that moment, when you are ready to open a book. When you are unknown to the story. You are a total stranger to the characters. But you’ll know there story now.
Finally, when you close a book, you are no more a stranger. You know everything then. You know the characters so very well. Their mind, their heart, emotions and their nature. You know who they are and who they are supposed to be. You love and hate, you cry and laugh with them. This is the weirdest and the most beautiful thing I have ever experienced. When you close a book, you know they will continue living in those pages. They are just not ink and paper.They matter, their lives matter.


Do you ever read the last sentence of a good book and the last words hall in you, like a never-ending echo. Your life stops for a second and you can’t thing about anything else. It’s like you’re not here, but in some other world. You can’t help, but stare at the last page, before you hug that book so tight.


You are sad to leave them. But you know that you’re a part of their story now. When you read a book, a piece of it, will always be with you, wherever you go. It leaves a mark on you. You feel a change in you and your soul feels alive. And that’s the best feeling ever.

Pen and Pages











It was foggy in my mind,
Not understanding why.
A hole in my heart
How to fill, I never thought.
No passion, no dream, to save me.
Didn’t knew who I was supposed to be.
I burned in the fire of questions
Doubted every of my decisions.
Later one day, things turned differently.
On a table I found my pen and some pages,
Together they shimmered with my imagination.
Perfect together they burned.
It made sense to me, what I wanted to be.
In all the chaos, I found a way
to tell stories I concealed, inside of me.
Pen and pages, are the keys to a place
where my heart blooms with grace.


I write and write
turning my pain into art
that’s how I can tell

the story of my bleeding heart.




My heart is burning
it needs to be quenched by you.
My mind is giving me warning
of the silent storm that’s forming
inside these bones.
I keep playing with the gun
in different zones
I need you to save me
from this desolation.
I need you to free me
from this agitation.


This night is getting darker
without you here it’s getting harder.
I can’t see you up in the sky
I’m searching for your light,
 which gives me hope to survive.
I’m alone in the dark,
hope draining apart.
I need your light to feel alive.

In this gloomy night of life
You’re my hope, you’re my home.