We Grew Up So Fast

Once upon a time there was a happy little girl
Who played her part and ran like a free bird
Singing and dancing all along in the rain
You could listen her giggles echoing in the rain
She never knew what pain was like
The innocence she got
That the world would never understand
But then….she grew up.
She was a lightweight
East to fall,easy to break
With every move her whole world would shake
Never had trouble getting,
What she want
But when it came to life
She was never good enough
It was not the darkness in her heart
Just emptiness waiting for the sun.
She was so high
She lived inside the clouds
Her silence was loud
She screamed without a sound
She was so profound.
All this time,she was finding herself
but she didn’t know,she was already lost
She never knew what life could bring
Now she is standing on the edge
Watching her life falling apart
Couldn’t take the pain,now she knows how it felts
Lost the piece of innocence she had.
It’s funny how we grow up so fast
Just as fast as the sun sets
Just as fast as the darkness spreads
We’re sad and depress
We cry tears,we get scared
We hide the pain,we hide the truth
Faking smiles all the time.
I miss,miss my childhood
The only thing that keeps me wishing on a wishing star
I’ve had enough,what should I do?
Should I sink or swim
Or simply disappear?



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