A Passion For Life

A-Passion-for-Life-2014-570x375Addiction is what we can’t live without and passion is what you want to do.Reading is my addiction but writing is my passion.I always waited for so long so that I could find out what I was capable of.Finally I think I found out.My passion is writing and I am in love with it.istock_girl_writing_in_journalI love writing because it makes me happy.It helps me express my emotions easily.It calms me down.I put my heart,soul,emotions into words that defines a part of my life.The thing I like the most is that when you are afraid to say something,at that moment the words speaks it all.My passion will never change and I will never stop doing what I love no matter how many people criticize me.I don’t care that how I write.All that matters is I love doing it so I am and nobody has a right to judge me.Never-Give-Up-On-Your-Dreams1This is my dream and I am not giving up on it.I will try no matter what.Life is hard.I will fall and I will fail,I will be hurt but I know that what hurts you today will make you stronger tomorrow.The only thing you should know is to rise.My passion for writing will never end. I’ve learned to choose and learn to stand up for what I believe in.

If you can tell stories,create characters
devise incidents and have sincerity
and passion,it doesn’t matter how you write
_ Somerset Maugham



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