Moving On


There’s a piece of lead where my heart should beat
Doctor said to dangerous to take out
You’d better just leave it be
Body grew back around it,a miracle,praise be.
You shot me hard that I nearly died
But because I love you I continued to hold on.
You crossed the water,left me ashore
It killed me enough,but you wanted more
You blew up the bridge,a mad terrorist
Waved from your side,you started to go
I started to follow but realized too late
There was nothing but air underneath my feet.
One day I woke up with tears in my eyes
I told myself “that’s enough” and so I realized,
That I’ve given everything I ever had.
But despite all of these,you chose to shot me
a bullet straight to my heart.
Now my lips are saying goodbye
And my eyes are finally dry
My whole world was electrified
But now I am finally letting go,
So now you’re free to go.
Go on,live your life the way you want to,
I’m moving on,but I will always remember,
That you hurt and disappointed me.
The worst mistake I made in my life was,
Letting you stay longer than you deserved.
I never felt so hopeless,
Than I do tonight.
I don’t wanna do this anymore,
I’m moving on this time!



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