There were lot of problems,
   I had to go through.
They left me broken and bruised.
I stumbled and crashed.
People betrayed me and left!
  My heart ripped into two,
I thought my life was over,
But I had to fall,
To rise above it all!
  I thought about the pain that broke me,
  I knew I had to be strong.
I have no regrets;no bitterness.
I count my blessings;I am proud of every tear,
Because they have got me here,
I was lost but found my way out.
I’m grateful for the dark,
That made me appreciate the stars.
I’m grateful for the wrong ones,
   That made me appreciate the right ones!
I’m grateful for the pain,
That made my heart strong.
I’m grateful for all my scars,
Because they only made my heart



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