Deepest Sorrows


All the day have just been blurred. Into one long life I’ve forgotten.
Every night I give myself a word,
That I will wake up again,
To see the light of a day,
That still doesn’t break my darkness.
I’m barely surviving.

I woke up with a smile,
But fell asleep with tears in my eyes.
I think about a while,
That the people are like all smiles and sunshine,
And I belong to the dark and night,
In my darkened halls,
There is no light to be found.

I’m not surprised.
How my deepest wounds are given praise.
I am a soldier fighting in disguise.
I am enlisted in my own war.
I know my world has changed,and so do I.
I have learned to chose and to say goodbye.
I let my soul become as it always wanted,
Free like the wind but noticed like birds.

And to wherever it wants me I will go.
I look behind and after,
And I know its time to let go.
I have to put the broken pieces together.
And I found that all is right.
In my deepest sorrows,
There is a soul of light!



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