This Moment


Can you tell me,who called life a race?
Can anyone stay in one place?
You know that this is the only life,
Everything in here is a race,
And when you get to the finish line,
Will you wish for one more time?
But maybe one day you will find,
That you just can’t push rewind.
We are all just chasing our tails,
Like life is a one big fast treadmill.
And if we get a first prize,
For working without a fail,
But you know who I think will win,
Are the ones who let love in.
Are the ones who make the time in.
Don’t let the clock tell you what to do.
I am right in front of you,
Trying to go through,
With the things I never knew.
This moment,
Tomorrow’s unspoken,
Yesterday is a history,
So why don’t you be here with me?
To live a life full of happiness.
All we have is this moment,
Everything else is uncertain.
Don’t let the words be unspoken.
Time to taste life,pull up the curtain!
Don’t miss it,grab the token.
Shake off the burden,
Keep the memories open.
The time is short and the journey urgent.
All we have is this moment.

Enjoy the moments now,
Because they don’t last forever.



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