All my life I’m going through the pain,
Wishing it could end one day.
Now standing in the dark again.
The skies are grey,
My future is slipping away.
All my life I’ve been good,
My quiet natures understood,
The dark side revealing,
The good side vanishing,
You see me in the cool red light,
In the dead of the night!
You are like a bullet in my vein,
As you scratch beneath my skin.
The cards all fold,
And the dreams all fail,
And the ones I hail,
Are the worst of all,
And the blood run stale.
All my life I’ve played like a winner,
Now all I see looking back in the mirror,
I see demons in my head.
I want to hide,
But with the beast inside,
There’s nowhere I can hide.
Everybody’s got demons in the night,
So you better start believing everyday’s a fight.
I don’t feel alright,I am out of sight.
Stop right now what you’re doing,
I got a needle in my brain and an ache in my bones.
I’m restless,I’m defenseless.
The demons inside me,
Are making me feel heartless

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