You Are Beautiful!


I still heard you saying things behind my back.
You say I am complicated,
That I must be out off my mind.
I used to hold my freak back.
Now I am letting go,I am on the track.
I am not ashamed of myself.
I tried to push aside
into a corner on the darkest shelf.
Now I’m gonna speak up for myself!
I am a champion.
Not gonna fake it.
I make my own choices,
I run my own show,I have to admit.
I don’t care how much I weigh,
How do I look or how I smarten up.
I am happy and smiling
And that only matters.
I am only me in this world.
I am not a beauty queen.
I am just simply me.
You can’t change me nor judge me,
No one has give you the right.
I can’t wait for you to understand,
If you just don’t get it,
Find out how to crack me,
Log in and try to hack me.
Is your tongue tied up?
Are you jealous now?
I’m every bit of dangerous,
So you better get off now.
I am natural,original,
gleaming in the sun.
It’s all about me,
I am confident!
Besides all of this,
I’m gonna tell the truth,
gonna show you what the beauty beholds.
It’s not the clothes,it’s not the make up.
It’s not the voice,Its not the weight.
It’s all about a graceful heart,
Those eyes that glisten,That radiant smile.
The charms,the emotions you express.
This is the real beauty.
Don’t let anyone feel you down.
I’ve been wasting a lot of time,
Looking in mirrors and hating on me,
But now I like what I see.
Nobody’s perfect
So leave me if you object.
I chose to look up on the world,
with my head held high!
You can acknowledge you’re smart,
And that you will go places,
And you will be someone,
Greater than your mistakes.
You can’t always expect,
Others to believe in yourself
For you.
You can’t be sure what life will bring,but…
You can be sure that you are worth everything.
You are as beautiful as the spring meadows,
You are as inspiring as your idol,
You are as amazing as the shining stars.
You are incredible and beautiful!
Believe it!



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