A knife can dull,
But the sharp points never fade,
Just like pain,
She always seem to be afraid.
She wears all black,
Just like her soul.
Yet her heart is made of gold,
But things are beyond her control.
Her hair is a mess of weeds,
Her eyes sparkle is now dim,
They try to give her everything she needs,
But she is hung up in missing him.
Her big smile has turned wee,
Her voice has anger in it,
She was a candle for everyone,
Though she can now barely stay lit.
There is no peace without a war,
There is no love without hate,
She wishes for him on a star,
Though by now it’s a little late.
There is nothing you can do,
There’s only so much to say,
One day her life will be back together,
Today is just not that day.
There’s too much damage on her body,
A big burden on her soul,
She is sorry,she can’t be like she used to be,
She is just inconsolable.
We fight a losing battle,
In which no one will last.
We are trapped in a maze,
From which we won’t get past.



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