The Words


I see him everyday.
He smiles throughout the day.
But he can fool everybody but not me.
See the lights glistening,
But his darkness is not breaking.
The words are disclosed in his mouth.
He sees her everyday,
And he is falling in every way.
Finally he dared to reveal those words,
But she said, “Its not possible.”
“we can only be friends.”
And I see all the hopes crushing down,
But he continued to hold on.
The sparkle eyes are now dim,
I see gloominess appearing him.
But he promised her to be his friend,
So he is keeping his word and the pain ahead.
His life is shattered,broken pieces.
His heart is left void,
except for the anguish.
And lost the innocence he had.
I know everything and he knows that,
But he doesn’t talk to me about that.
I know its haunting him,
And I know its killing him.
But the words are not coming out,
And he wants to scream and shout.
But he needs to move on,
And he needs to let go.
We are all in the same place,
We can go in outer space.
And the things doesn’t happen,
if its not in our destiny.
And love is for eternity.
We can heal each other,
And we speak to each other.
So let the words come out,
Its alright to call out.
I’ll be your light,
And together we fight.
So let the words be revealed,
And the lives fulfilled.



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