I Believe


I believe in dreams,
Even when they don’t come true.

I believe in the lost possibilities,
Even you can’t see.

I believe tomorrow is stronger,
Even from a weak yesterday.

I believe in light,
Even they remind us where darkness can be.

I believe in the words I speak,
Even though they are my grave.

I believe I have scars,
Even though I wish I could see them turning to beauty.

I believe in hope,
Even as I hit the ground.

I believe in laughter,
Even when no one hears it.

I believe in kindness,
Even when I’m trodden.

I believe in me,
Even I hate myself.

I believe in poetry,
Even when I have no words.

I believe in trust,
Even when it’s broken.

I believe in love,
Even when I have a broken heart.

I believe in these things,
Even when it feels like,
They don’t believe in me.



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