Sing Me A Lullaby

Sing me a lullaby,
In the dancing wind.
To empty and calm my mind.
Sing me a lullaby,
From heroes past,
How their legacies will forever last.
Sing me a lullaby,
Whispering loving words in my ear,
That would give me a smile to wear.
Sing me a lullaby,
Hold me close to you,
Where in your arms I hide.

Sing me a lullaby,
When everybody leaves me alone,
And my life turns into a nightmare.
Sing me a lullaby,
To sleep and forget my worries.
Swim in imagination and make up stories.

Sing me a lullaby,
Before you leave me someday,
And all I will ever have a memory of your melody.
Sing me a lullaby,
Before I go,
I want to go to bed,
And never wake up again.
Sing me a lullaby,
Tell me of afar off land,
Where night and day collide.
Sing me a lullaby,
Where everyone is happy,
And no one sits alone and cry.



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