Losing Grip


There’s plenty of fish in the sea,
You have to remember that, “A young girl tells her as
she witnesses her heartbroken tears fall.
“Yeah”, she says, “But have you ever wondered if someone
wasn’t a fish? Like,maybe they were the sea?”
She never cried in front of her mother nor her best friend.The wet pillow
knew it all.She is afraid to trust people now as many have left her
like they were just strangers.Sometimes watching people leave is hard.
But it’s harder remembering that time when they promised they wouldn’t.
She was a very happy person.She had a boisterous personality.
But now you can see her spirit die.She captures herself in a dark
room bawling.She closes her eyes praying that this could all turn
out to be just a fiction but the painful truth is it isn’t.She is
trapped in a desolation of maze.Her hands are numb and the heart is throb.
Her world is turned blue.She fools them by smiling everyday but she is
tried of faking and denying.Dark circles forms under her eyes,she is
exhausted.Her heart cries out,love is a sad song tearing through her
cracking heart.The tears blinded her eyes and a silence engulfed the
distance.She prays to God to show a path that leads to a door of solutions.


She is substantial.She is ambitious.Sometimes she needs a shoulder to
cry,she wants to go in a peaceful and never ending sleep,away from all the
worriment.She is a sort of girl who can’t see others gloomy and despair.She
sticks by there side who needs her.She spreads kindness,love and positivity
But now she needs only a reason to fight and conquer a losing battle.
Her body is entwined with darkness but her soul is always in a search
for light.She is finding a cure in this big unlighted world.She will try
again ,because she is strong and optimistic.Her spirit will glow and
set the world ablaze.She is a warrior! There is a little hope for her.
Even though she dies a thousand times,but somehow comes back to life.
And the reason behind it is still not revealed.


Warriors don’t give up instead they fight like there is no
tomorrow.Even so many left and so many broke her heart ,
but she will still have a good heart,and she won’t stop believing,
in love,kindness.She will fly and walk with a head held high.She is determined.
She will fight through her fears.And the love of those who chose to
stay in our life and are by her side will be her armor.And the sword
will be God,the most powerful one! She will fight till her last breath,
till God wants her too.



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