PIMUN 2015


PIMUN Pakistan International Model United Nations conference is an
annual MUN conference in the region that brings together students across
the globe to participate in a simulation of the international political
landscapes.The year 2015 Karachi, the biggest city of Pakistan, was
privileged to host the 1st session of PIMUN 2015.
The conference incorporate a range of activities such as challenging and
dynamic debates,guest speakers and evenings of social extravaganza.
Delegates (the students who participated) would gain exposure to and
engage in current international affairs and obtain the opportunity to
enhance their diplomatic,public speaking and negotiation skills.

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I met some of the amazing people who inspired me a lot.First was the
President of PIMUN, Syed Kashaf Hussain.Without him PIMUN was not
possible to be held.He has such a great personality with lots of talent,
the love for debating.He has never given up on his dream and that was
the thing I loved about him.He has worked so hard to be at this position.
Then I met the Secretary General,Sabat Akhtar Khan.A  very jolly,
hardworking,high-spirit person.It was his dream that came true.All
the things he wanted to was in front of his eyes,the happiness
was blissful.
Then the guy who inspired me the most,having a great personality,the
most charming and handsome Fawwad Siddiqui, Director Social Events.
I loved his confidence,cleverness.A very laughable person,always smiling
and making others laugh too.
These three gentlemen inspired me the most and earned a huge respect.
I was grateful and honored to meet them and learn amazing experience from them.
I wish them more success and happiness.


Team PIMUN were the best team that worked really hard day in,and
day out which resulted in more valuable and successful event.
Yeah,there were some problems but which big events don’t have flaws
so its okay.What they did was phenomenal.What they put in was beyond
imagination.They just not put their hard work but emotions.Not just
money,but heart and soul.Not just dedication,but their days and nights.
The things I’ve read and saw,it reveals only one thing that PIMUN was
there dream and they made it into reality.I can say that I was there and
I saw it and I am proud of every single one of them.They had the
potential and I wish them best of luck for their future aspects.
Apart from this we delegates were given different committees
to debate in that specific committees topic.They were:

Social events were the major role in communicate with other delegates
and would give a peace of mind after debating all day.
PIMUN organized 4 social events which were:
1.Laughter Evening
2.Delegate Ball
3.Offshore Bonefire and
I participated in PIMUN 2015 for the first time.We had to attend 4
days starting in the morning 8:30am to 6:00pm evening at Beach Luxury
Hotel.I was gratified and honored to be a part of this wonderful journey
with PIMUN.My committee was ECOSOC (Economic And Social Council) and each
of us had to represent a different country and talk about their international
affairs.I was representing Switzerland.
The first day was good.We had the first 4 hours for registration
so we were all chatting and finding our committee members.I met
my head committee member and she told me a bad news that the two
topics we had to debate were changed(I was pretty much angry and scared)
And she told me we have to research again,make our notes and the PP
(Position Paper that we have to submit at the same day)again.At last
we found our all committee members and decided that we will work again
on our new topic and of course do our best because majority of us were
first time there.After registration was over,it was time for the
opening ceremony which was grand and interesting.Then at last was
the social event the Laughter Evening.
The second and third days were the learning days for me.
I attended the sessions, spoke in every session in front of our chairs (the judges).
I was happy that I actually spoke in front of many people that
was a proud moment for me.After that I gain lots of confidence and
learned many things from our chairs.Actually It was pretty amazing to
represent Switzerland.And the entertainment session was the best part
in the debate session!
Last day we had to attend two Plenary sessions and after that
was the closing ceremony.Plenary sessions were different from
the formal debate and had their own rules and procedures.There
would be 4 members in a committee.One would be the Prime Minister,
Foreign Minister,Army Chief and Intelligence Chief and our country
was Nepal and I was Foreign Minister.Everyone had to sit together in one big hall,Jasmine hall and debate together on a same topic in front of the chairs.
The closing ceremony was on its way and everyone
was excited that who won awards from specific communities.
I didn’t win nor my classmates but we surely did bring something
with us that is experience,wisdom, more confidence and what responsibilities
we have towards our country.


I learned that it’s okay to be yourselves and you should put your
point in front of everyone and stand up with what you believe till
the end,even when you are standing alone,just fight.
I learned to never give up.What situations we are dealing now doesn’t
mean we have to deal with it for the rest of our lives,No there will be better days
that will come soon you just have to be patient.
No matter how many times you stumble and fall,you will succeed one day.
Never give up on your dreams because one day they will come true,
All you have to do is struggle,work hard,believe in God.
We are the youth of Pakistan and there are many responsibilities,
we are the future of Pakistan.I can still memorize those words that
“I can see the sparkle in your eyes,I can see your faces shining in delight,
and I can see the bright future of Pakistan and we are satisfied that
we are giving Pakistan in good hands.It’s the end of us and the
beginning of yours.”
I am proud that we (youth) are giving platforms to prove ourselves,
and show what potential we have.We are given respect and love.They
believe in us that one day we will bring a change.I memorize those
words that “You all are the ones who will bring the change.”
They are right! we should know what we are capable of and what
are our responsibilities towards our country.
I am proud to be a Pakistani and one day I will make my country
proud! That’s my promise.
“We never get what our heart desires,but if we try we could make
our dreams come true.And a little change is worth than no change.”



17 thoughts on “PIMUN 2015

  1. Wow Jamila !! Very well written. 👍
    You’re making me jealous 😜. You’re article is seriously way better than mine which means I’ll have to improve 😂.
    Well apart from this we seriously had fun. Thanx PIMUN

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