The Beginning


Lets take it back to where we first began,
We turned from strangers to closet friends,
Turn the page and see the wonder,
That’s us how we are like the thunder.
Was all so different once upon a time,
But now the spark we got won’t ever die,
Close your eyes and feel the magic,
And believe what you do is fantastic!
A bit of me, a piece of you,
With a sprinkle of attitude,
A little dream, a lot of hope,
Let your strength be higher,
And make this world aspire.
Yeah I know we’ve come so far,
Love is like a river,
As it flows and never ends.
And this world feels like a party grand.
So it’s just the beginning,
And we’ve come so far winning,
And we don’t need the lights,
Cause we are stars on winter nights.
It’s just the beginning,
Hearts like drum you can here us coming,
The world keeps spinning,
The good times has come.
It’s just the beginning,
For you and me!



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