A somber passageway that leads nowhere.It’s like the passage is
never ending and how much you struggle to find a way out it’s nowhere
to be found.Inch meal she advances through the passage,all she could see
is gloom,dim lights,sound is inaudible accept for the screams of
pain,distress and the feelings of stress.The walls are closing in and
the echoes are threatening.This doesn’t end,it happens everyday or after
every week.The devils creep in following by dark shadows and the blackness covers
in white pearl,that once used to shine.
She acts like everything is great,but the truth is the splendid days
or happiness does not stay for a longer time,they leave us.She laughs
at people’s jokes,She do silly things with her friends, acts
 crazy and acts like she has a carefree life.It’s funny though,
when she comes back home,she just turn off that happiness,mental
switch.Then suddenly she breaks down trapping herself in a lonely room
away from the world she is caught up in her own queries.She feels alone,
empty,and tired.But then she also pushes people away,she doesn’t want
them to help.She don’t know how to describe her feelings into words.
It’s like she have two different sides.One for the public,and the one
for herself.This all feels like infinity.
It’s kind of sad that nobody ever knows how much someone is
actually hurting…someone right next to you could be completely
broken and you wouldn’t know.It’s funny that when we’re young,
we live in a confusing world.Love with desire,entire tragedies
that sometimes never make sense,the love that is homeless, the
words that are not revealed die in that shattered hearts.But when
all the dust would be cleared, we will weep for what we could see and
we no longer will be young.
And sometimes,
when she weeps,
She feels like the sound
of a thousand cellos
vibrating through the veins as a sound box
for the most beautiful saddest song.



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