Empty streets,empty hearts,
Inaudible sound when the streetlight flickers,
Tossing,turning,struggling through the nights,
Skies grow darker,and the rivers bicker.
Looking through a exit from the world of fears,
I see my future slipping away,
Mama never left,daddy needs me here,
And I sit smiling at life’s cruel play.
I am not afraid to collapse,
And we struggle before the time lapse.
Opened the windows in world of dreams,
And I see a path that leads the way in streams.
I could build a castle,
Of all the bricks they threw at me,
And everyday is like a battle,
But every night is like a acoustic song.
I am tired of chasing luck,
Gonna rise from the ashes,
And don’t worry people throw rocks,
At the things that shines.
I am titanium,
Fixed myself again,
Do you wanna stab me again?
Go on twist the knife,
Won’t affect my life.
I am titanium,
Skilled in balancing a sinking ship,
A tormented heart,but a pleasured soul,
I am a aurora,making everything,
dazzling and taking  grip.
I am titanium,
Coming like a marching beat of the drum!
I am titanium,
Try to push me,but I won’t fall.



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