Your light is inside of me,
Like a burning flame,
You’re in my veins,
Your voice is a tranquil,
When the darkness rules,
And I’ve found my strength.


I see the stained tears,
And know you wanna wail your fears,
The smile that grows dim,
No intentions in that shadows grim.
Want someone to give a shoulder to cry,
Don’t worry I will be with you to say the pain goodbye.


If you lost your way,
I’ll be your light,
And we will make this pain go away,
I know I’ve a home that is broken,
Even I tried to fix it,I’m losing sight,
The part remains there and the sun awoken.


The only home we have,
Is the one we build inside ourselves,
I know the roof is cracked,
And the doors broken,
And the electricity goes out,
And ghosts awoken.


Wet leaves and tender bones,
When the waves touch my feet,
And the sun kisses my skin,
I know how long I am in pieces,
The remains will joint and a home will renovate.


A home where  our laugh will echo,
Where pain will be our lost friend,
The worries will be miles away from us,
Our sweet melody of happiness,
Will cover inside these four walls.
And the demons will cry,
Because we will find love in a broken place.


A home from which you will never desire to run,
We will build and close our eyes,
Remind ourselves that what we were used to be,
Don’t worry I’ll make this feel like home.




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