sad alone tumblr love wallpapers (2)

Life is spiteful,
Looking now here comes the dead end,
Oh,I am just trying not to be insightful,
But hey I forgot darkness is my friend.


I go back every night to the days,
Where you were there on the phone,
As we talk when the days were dark greys,
But now I see left and right standing alone.


His eyes held novels and mine,poetry
Our love was art,
That lie upon honesty,
And a wonderful legacy.


My heart was a star,
And his was a black hole,
We were the universe,
With one true soul.


Everything has faded,
Like a bullet shot from a gun,
I wish I could hold me now,
Tight enough to rearrange the turbulent pieces,
Into a mosaic of peace.


Now every gloomy night,
As I laid in bed so blue,
Not having a clue,
Wishing before going in a deep sleep,
Want to wake up with amnesia.





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