I am bewildered, why this happens to me,
Clearly, I see the tears start to fall,
Breathlessly, I run cause not want to show everyone.
When I think I am elated, sadness smacks and hauls,
The thoughts that take me towards obscurity,
And have the deep sense of insecurity.


I feel so feeble,
As my hands start to shake,
This life is so hard,
I get on my knees as my heart aches,
This, my faith, cannot me marred.
And my hope starts to dwindle.


My pillow gets wet by earnest tears,
And each minute seems to multiply my fears,
They start to form like pure drops,
And they fall as the rain fall,
My heart was like the sun so fiery,
But now it’s dim and vague.


The hands that were entwined,
We let go of ourselves as we were constraint,
I write with the ink of sadness with tears combined,
As the days consumed in loss and taint.
Elation is growing dimmer, as the days are murky,
What a situation! ain’t it awful? Life is so grim.


Tears, Tears, Tears,
The only thing that can make the anguish less,
And I let myself go deeper and deeper negligent,
I took a misstep and now I live in regret,
Can I do this? cause my only hope is to forget,
My tears fall and my heart hates me for that.


If you could read my mind

You’d be in tears.



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