Different Me!

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Being with your friends,surrounding with a big crowd,clicking pictures,
laughing,gossiping,this all looks so cool to some people and actually they
are having fun too but not me!


It’s not like that I hate hanging out or going in some occasion but yeah sometimes it’s pretty annoying to me.I am a whole lot different person.I don’t like boisterous places and I don’t like to go out with a huge group of people.Sometimes I feel out of the place and secondly I don’t even want to go out of my house in the first place!


I love to hangout with my friends but sometimes I feel like I am left out and sometimes it’s not that much fun and I just wanna go home.It’s not that I am bored,they made me laugh,it’s great to take crazy selfies (a trend!) and it’s pretty awesome to interact with them but not every time.It’s not my kind of thing.


You know I am that kind of person who loves to stay at home with 3 or 4 friends,with some hot chocolate and a disney movie! (well,I’m a big Disney Movies Fan and wantΒ Β  to visit disneyland one day) My peace of mind lies in a quiet place with your loved
ones and of course with Food!


Well,its funny that I am afraid to be left alone but sometimes being alone is what I really need.At one point I am happy and interacting with everyone but suddenly I space out and become quiet and get lost in my own world. I don’t blame others that they leave me alone but I blame myself! because I am like this,a complicated me and no one can ever understand me,even sometimes I don’t understand myself. I am just different from others and I want to be that way only.Changing myself? totally a bad idea!


I am crazy and helping,
I wonder about spaces,
I’ll hear what you want to say at any time and place,
I see what my eyes allow me to see,
I want nothing but memories,
As my walls are melting.


I think that I’m an opera singer in the shower,
I’ll feel like a blooming flower at any hour,
I touch the world so cautiously,
And sometimes I worry that I’m hurting everybody,
I cry alone so no one can hear,


I understand,after the joke is explained,
I say somethings, a second too late,
I dream about stars deep in space,
I try to help everybody in anyway,
I hope for a life full of peace,
And that’s just me!






6 thoughts on “Different Me!

  1. Jamila while reading this i thought you were writing this on my behalfπŸ˜„
    This is totally meπŸ˜‚
    Very very well writtenπŸ˜πŸ‘

    Liked by 2 people

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