Scattered Everywhere


A advantage of being in a silent room and drown into your own deep thoughts helps
us find different solutions or maybe discover a new thing that nobody never thought
in that perspective.Same happened with me yesterday when I figured out something
that totally opened a new world of thinking for me! So I thought that I should shared
with you guys so here I am! Lets start this deep conversation!
Sometimes we believe people or maybe ourselves, when a time comes, when we
say “I don’t believe in love anymore.” because it’s a boy who broke your heart,
forgot all the promises he made,or maybe it’s a friend who turned out to be a fair weather
friend,or the people you loved the most  betrayed you.I know it’s hard and I know we
all gone through the same situation.S
ometimes when you go through that situation where
grief and sorrow is your best friend
and in the loneliness “being death” is the best solution we have in our minds! Thousands of questions unanswered,the anger,the affliction,depression all the things clogging up inside of us together making it more worse.
when everything fails we become hard as a stone,push our feelings away
and make our life worthless and obsolete.Ask yourself do you want to live like
this? We only live for once so what’s the point wasting our days on someone who broke you,
shredded your heart,wounded your soul,no nothing.Then why not start again?

While evil may achieve and justice evade

Good cannot be quenched by fiery sword

There is strength in each person,each day,in each place

United by harmonious and resolute accord.

It does us no good to dwell in the past

The world is not meant to cower in pain

When attacks come swift and knock us down,

We come together,and rise again.


When we say we have stop believing in love, we’re damn wrong!
We still believe in love,we just have a hard time believing in people.
What I think is, we can never stop believing in love because when
we say “I love my parents.” See there is love and you mean it means you believe!
“I love my friends.” again love! When you say “See the beautiful sky covered with stars!!
I love the view!” again there is love! or when we say “I love this dress!” again love.
I can give you thousands of examples like this,so you see love can not be denied or ignored.
Love is everywhere! It’s in the things that God have made,It’s inside you,surround you!
It’s simply everywhere!
Any place,anywhere,or in any situation you can’t say that you don’t believe in love
or love doesn’t exist.Love is not for a specific person that if they left you life is over,
No it doesn’t work like that! Love is for everyone! You can love yourself,you can
fall in love with any place,You can love the delectable food that is in front of you.
You can love that moment when it’s 1:00am and you’re laughing with your friend on the
rooftop! In short,You can fall in love with anybody,anywhere,any time! That’s the beauty
of it.


Most importantly,you can love God,the creator,the merciful! God,that is your
best friend,who supports you,understands you,who is loyal,who guides you,
who listens to you even if the words never come out,he still listens! If you love him
and if you rise your hands in prayer and knelt down on your knees than your life is
worth it!

Heavy is the crown and yet she wears it as if it were a feather.There is strength

in her heart,determination in her eyes and the will to survive resides within her soul.

She is you. A warrior, a champion, a fighter, a queen!




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