Stayed Quiet


Years ago a tragic happened,
She not even comprehend,
As she was immature,doesn’t know how to react.
Confused she was as her mind was cracked,
but still she never told anyone,
She stayed quiet.


The sun raised everyday upon her,
And she strive to be strong and forget,
the image of reality in those eyes were blurred.
she knew something was wrong,
And the feelings were strong.
But she stayed quiet all along.


The monsters ran away leaving are clueless,
And everything seemed so useless,
The scar were glued upon her heart and mind,
She was so damn wrong,this world was not kind,
And she understood the monsters were everywhere,
She could not even run anywhere.


As the years passed by,now she exactly knew what it was,
As now it’s too late to act,stuck underneath the monsters claws,
she even can’t forget the faces and not even a single thing,
She is standing upon the fire ring,
Her life was gloomy that day only,in her infancy,
She could not tell anybody as she didn’t want sympathy,
And she stayed quiet.


No one knows,and no one ever will,
The horrendous secret that stays deep within still,
No one knows what she has been through,
The story of her will never breakthrough,
She killed her voice long ago,
She would never speak up again.


She rises her hands to pray,
That God will show a way,
She cries,dies everyday,
Living in remorse everyday,
She prays for everyone,
No one deserves a dreadful life like her.


She stays quiet cause no on one will hear,
She needs a sign from God, what he wants to say,
And she knows she will get one day,
Till than she will live with a poisonous past.




9 thoughts on “Stayed Quiet

  1. Sometimes the silence itself is poison, but then God can heal. I have been sending out requests for bloggers to send their links to their post but I am not sure that you’ve seen it. I haven’t seen any link from your posts. Just saying this in case you want your posts featured then look out for my recent post titled, share your cookies with me.

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