Fake Love

There was a look of ecstasy on our faces,
As we gathered around the table,
I remembered the love and bond between us,
How we used to laugh together,
As we said we’ll be together forever.


But you dissipate all the love,
As all you hold now is grudges,
There is no future if we act like this,
Spaces between us keep getting deeper,
And the taunts that you shoot is cheaper.


I remember the lovely smiles,
All the pictures that we took,
How we used to be their in our troubles,
we wiped tears and supported each other,
And called each other loving sisters!


It was everyone’s fault equally,
We were the ones who start the fight,
But you were the last one to walk away,
And the last one to refuse to stay.
Forgetting every single promise we ever made.


Spaces between us keep getting deeper,
We lost the way, unaware of the truth,
Holding the secrets,
Leaving us speechless,
And we never try to turn on the truth speaker.


They kept changing,
But I never was complaining,
How you faked and fooled,
And I was so stupid,
That I never knew till now.




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