Trees Can Speak


We gave you everything you wanted,
We never complained.
We never left a bruise upon your skin,
And we never knew a time like this will begin.


We were there to hold you,
When you cried and laid upon us.
All the problems that you discussed,
And over the years,built respect and trust,
between us.


As all now we see is obliteration,
No humanity, we are godly creation.
We have feelings but you don’t care,
We scream in pain as you cut us down,
Without us the wind and water roar.


Your hearts has turn cold,
All the good in you have sold.
While you put forest, hills on ablaze,
We see the wickedness in your gaze.


On our final hours,
Experience the power,
Of us.
Without us your existence is impossible,
You had the chance now behold the unstoppable.


You forget all the things we did for you,
All the pleasures that keep coming through,
World would never be the same without us,
You will remorse on your darkest sin,
You never knew the worth of us.



Trees play a crucial role supporting life across the globe, producing oxygen and absorbing climate change.Trees are the most significant part of our lives but I personally think that we’ve forget this.As we are so busy in our work, cutting down trees and taking advantages from it.
People cut down 15 billion trees each year and global tree count has fallen to 46% since the beginning of human civilization.


The human existence will extinct due to less trees.And all the benefits that we get from trees and forests will be lost. Reforestation is the only chance to save this world and us too.We should stop cutting down trees and save it for our future generation.
“Make a world better place.Your little effort can  have a big impact on the world.”




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