My Savior

I was lost and reckless,
I wanted to be protected.
I was bruised and torn apart,
I was in despair and not even cared,
About the people that stayed.


I was like a tourist in an unknown world.
I was weary when I stopped in a forest,
I saw the glistening light,
From the world that hide,
It spread far and wide.


Feared and restless,
Only that I know it left me breathless,
I never felt this before,
I realize that I’m not alone,
And I recognize that It was you.


My life changed in that moment,
Now I’m thinking about this path I chosen.
On the horizon,
I knew the sun will be rising,
Back to You.


In my plight,
You made me bright,
So that I could fight.
You gave me the strength to combat my fears.
And this time there was fire in my eyes instead of tears.


You showed me the right path,
You made me learn to accept the ugliest truth,
You forgave for all my darkest sins,
You gave me freedom wings.
I don’t need anybody but you.


I can’t love anybody like I love you,
And nobody can love me like you do,
I get lost in your beauty,
And to love your blessings is my duty.
No one can compete to you, you’re incompatible!



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