The Time of Your Life



You are at your late night work,
There is a family photo at your table,
With a smile all your tiredness lurk.
 You remember the happy days and the smiley faces.


Far away,so busy you can’t make even a call,
You’re fed up doing all the work all the time,
You think what’s missing, once you had it all.
Life has come to a pause, no way to climb.


All the money that your saving,
While the good moments passes by,
Did you ever cared enough for yourself?
Did you ever make a time for praying?


All the dreams that you envision,
Never came true cause you never tried to,
You’re dealing with time but let’s not make a haste decision.
You only get to play one round, so don’t screw.


Did you ever spend time with your family?
Ever cried with them or laughed with them?
Did you ever met your friends,
Who waited so long for you in agony?


Did you ever sat on a park bench,
Inhaling the fresh air throwing out the sadness,
Did you ever felt the nature?
Did it make you glad?


Worrying, killing all your desires.
Making all of them on fires,
Did you ever understand the simplicity of life?
Live fullest and in peace, die free from strife.


He said he has no answers for all the questions,
He was lost, wasting his life asking for directions,
But you have to find it all by your own,
That’s when you figured out more.


The truth is out no more lying,
You never had the time of your life.
Did you had the time of your life?
Or your answer is the same like him?




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