(n.) love of darkness or night.Finding relaxation or comfort in the darkness.


So comfortable,

Waiting for the night to come,

planning what to do in the hours.

In the dark night I’m like a flower,

Blooming, brightening, the fragrance,

Taking all over the room,

Surprisingly, I’m not scared,

There is no gloom.

Scars turnin to beauty,

Spark flies in the stomach,

There is no work, no duty,

And it feels like night fairies dancing on the ceiling.

It feels so natural, so perky.

The stars and the moon so merry,

And in the background, the music is going on.

Can you imagine this exquisite scene?

I love the night so much,

No one sees me, no one judges,

It’s just me and only me,

In the silence I hear peace.






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