Finally Clean.



Just after the rain,
As I walk through the street,
My footsteps that go pitter-patter,
As the heavy wind passes by,
And my heart flutters,
from the flashbacks.


I saw the silence engulfed me,
But a small smile crept on my face,
As I see the children playing in glee,
across the street.
I thought how there life was so simple and sweet.
But suddenly I was again drowning in my misery.


As I was lost in my thoughts,
And suddenly I hear the sound of a storm,
I looked up in the sky,
As the clouds settled down,
As rainstorm was ready to strike the town,
And that was the moment I knew…


My life was stumbling,
But then rain came pouring down,

And I never felt more alive,
I could finally breathe,
And felt like the weight from my shoulders,
shook and fall from me.


And by morning I realized,
There was no trace of you,
And I was finally clean.
I was freed from the sadness,
And the flood carried away all my memories of you,
And I feel I was finally healed.


There is no more of you,
telling me what to do,
I am finally clean from the shit,
That you putted in my mind,
My heart was so blind,
Out of the blue, a light lit,
Telling me you were not worth it.


Now I make it out of this mess,
I lost myself once,unlucky me,I guess.
But not again,
Back and forth I dance on my own beat.
Do you feel the heat?
I’m finally clean!


WRITTEN BY: Jamila Murtaza



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