Dear Earth

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Dear Earth,

I always saw you from afar and all the beauty that you hold.I shine for the universe and you hold humanity together. I had always noticed a thing, the very special thing that you carried, the most beautiful thing  you carry was love. Love that dwells in every heart in every corner.Before that, all I really noticed was pain,lies,negativity,enmity,agony,chaos,heartbroken,tears but I forgot to see the most important emotion,Love!


Love is unconditional.But I also know it’s unpredictable,unexpected,unbearable,uncontrollable.It’s like a fire.I never imagined I’d know it myself.Well, you would think how did I know? The answer is everything in this universe holds feelings of their own.They carry a heart just like humans.


Now I comprehend why people love us,every night they say nothing.But we know the language of “Nothing” but they simply stares upward into the dark sky and watches with sad eyes,craving that the infinity stars is all they have left.That they (we) won’t ever hurt them and they love us! Yeah, it’s the truth we would never hurt them.They count on us and shares anguish in silence.


I never wanted to look again in front of you.I thought you only carry lies and brutality.But I was wrong.I can feel a power that God has made it exist among you.The power of love! I believe that you can survive and so does humans. Just remember one thing: We are part of this Universe.We are in this universe but perhaps more important than both of this facts,is that THE UNIVERSE IS IN US.


We always underestimate love.We think that love is only made to be broken or it is made to wound our souls.But looks like we never really understood the meaning of love.The flower of love blossoms in everyone’s life.It changes them in certain ways.It teaches us to care about another heart.Love is worth it until you love in right way.


Love,it makes us complete.It makes us jovial and most importantly it makes us a good human being.It converts enmity to friendships, strangers into family, nasty people into kindhearted.With love impossible becomes possible.Love is the only universal language that requires no words to understand.


Just want you to know what is the meaning of love and wanted to tell you that you can survive.We all can survive.Know that God is here and he will be with us.With love we can overcome any obstacle.I wish humans down there would comprehend, what is surrounded by them, what they have among themselves,they don’t know that they have something to give that would make a big change for someone else.I wish they realized,I wish they could hear us or understand.All I can say is the secret of life and peace is hidden in those galaxies that is within them.Love is like a candle, it lits and spreads the light in someone’s life.One act of love can save someone,can put a smile on their face.I hope humans discover that soon.Because We need peace and Love.


All the love,



When The Power Of Love Overcomes The Love Of Power The world Will Know Peace.

 -Jimi Hendrix




WRITTEN BY: Jamila Murtaza


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