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Simplest Ways to Attain Peace.




Mind, a really difficult thing to handle. Thousands of thoughts are going on a person mind and there is no way out. The essence of the secret lies in a change of mental attitude. One must learn to live on a positive thought basis, even if it requires effort. The life of inner peace, being harmonious and without stress is the easiest type of existence.
There are many ways to attain peace:


1. Communications is really important in our daily life. It matters what we listen in our surroundings because what we listen we think about it and it makes us nervous and stressed. Fill your personal group conversations with positive, elated, optimistic satisfying expressions.


2. The words we speak, read or listen have a direct and definite effect upon our thoughts. Practice the technique of suggestive dictional, that is, repeat audibly some peaceful words. Words have profound suggestive power, and there is a healing in the very saying of them. It is also helpful to use lines from poetry or passages and repeat them again and again and your mind will attain peace.


The trick I use that keeps me on a positive track is that I write my favorite peaceful words or lines on a sticky note and stick on the side of my mirror. Every morning I wake up, I read those words/lines that shower the positive thoughts in my mind and my day starts with peaceful and a positive mind.


3. The most effective and easy way to have a peaceful mind is to pray. At the end of everyday, we’re stressed, tired and all the things that happened in that today are going in a rush through our mind and the result of that is you can’t sleep. So the solution is, every night before going to bed have a little session of prayer, tell your hard feelings and problems to Him. Drain everything from your mind and heart. You’ll see that you will sleep with a peaceful mind.


4.Practice silence. Everyone should do that at least for half an hour or just an hour. Go to the quietest place and sit or lie down for fifteen minutes and practice the art of silence. Throw your mind in neutral. It will be hard for the first few times as the thoughts would be gushing to your mind, but practice will increase your efficiency. If you have attained a quiet state, then you will listen to the deeper sounds of harmony and beauty and of God that is to be found in the essence of silence.


These are some easy ways that worked for me. If you keep your mind away from negative, stressful thoughts then only you will see your life healing or else nothing will work until you help yourself. Don’t let those thoughts come to you instead immediately start filling your mind with creative and healthy thoughts.
Then old fears hate, and worries that have haunted you so long won’t come back. These are one of the simplest processes to perform and also one of the most effective in attaining peace of mind. Trust me it worked for me and it’ll work for you too.
Stay blessed and Positive 🙂


WRITTEN BY: Jamila Murtaza


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