I sleep in the bed made of clouds,


Mist upon window shrouds,


And it feels like I am dreaming in the sky,


My dreams keep me high,


I think my dreams keep me sane,


I dream of places and happiness,  a life without pain,


People express uncertainty, saying I will stuck in this place,


I know life’s a race, But I also believe in me,


They even say I’ll never go anywhere,


But in my dreams I’ve already been there,


I feel the real world is more like a nightmare,


And I am not gonna wake up from my dreams again,


And no one dare to take my dreams away


Obey the dreamers, and there is no more to say,


I’m save in my closed eye neverland,


And this poem is dedicated to all the dreamers that comprehend,


Let them say what they wanna say,


Keep your dreams,keep your head up and pray,


Live the life you dream, just make it a reality.







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