The Secret To Happiness.


Who decides whether you shall be happy or unhappy? The answer: You do! Five out of four people live a unhappy life.Well, it’s easy just to make up your mind that you’re unhappy.Just choose unhappiness.Go around telling yourself that life is not going well.It’s satisfactory and you are quiet sure to be unhappy.If you would think like this then you will never heal.
Tell yourself over and over again that Life is going well, there are no worries and
I choose happiness.


Happiness is found in little things.Like the smoke coming out of the chimney,Velvet sky, the moon in the clouds, the stars sparkling, street lights on the river,looking into deep clear water, moving of moon and the clouds as you are driving car, the smell of the rain, sunset, sunrise and the list goes on and on.There is something exquisite in the essence of this universe that determines our happiness.To become a happy person, have clean mind and soul, eyes that see the beauty in commonplace, spiritual simplicity.


Happiness is attainable and the process for obtaining it is not complicated.Anyone who desires it, who wills it, who applies the right formula may become a happy person.
Unhappiness is the reason of the feelings like resentment, ill-will, fear, worry,hate, jealously or maybe due to personal matters.But that doesn’t mean you will live the rest of your life feeling guilty and unhappy.Make happiness a habit, a good habit.In other words cultivate a merry heart,develop the happiness habit.Out of the happiness habit comes a happy life.And because we can cultivate a habit,we therefore have the power to create our own happiness.


The happiness habit is developed simply by practicing happy thinking.Imagine happy thoughts and rush them to your mind several times.If the thought of unhappiness enters your mind immediately stop it.Don’t let that come to you.Let a series of pictures pass across your mind of each happy experience you expect to have during the day.Do not affirm that the day will not go well.By saying that actually you are making it so.Then you will think of every factor large or small that will contribute to unhappy conditions.As a result, you find yourself asking: “Why does everything go badly for me? What is the matter with everything?”


Before the day start, think about the positive thoughts like ‘I believe this is gonna be a wonderful day.I believe I can handle all the problems that will arise today.I feel good physically,mentally,emotionally.It is wonderful to be alive.I am grateful for all the blessings that God has given me.God is here and He is with me.I thank God for everything.’


The secret to happiness: keep your heart free from hate, your mind from worry.Live simply,expect little,give much.Fill your life with love.Spread sunshine.Not only think about you but others too.
As you read this you will say: “There is nothing new in that.” But these words are not only just to read but to follow in your daily life.When you start to follow this you will find the freshest, most astonishing method of happy and successful living.You will feel the new you! You will start to notice the changes in yourself and in life.


I want to share my personal experience to you all.Once I was the one who was living in despair,regret,fears,worriment,tears.And honestly there was no sign of happiness but since I applied these formulas above I’ve noticed a great change in my life.I believe this is the life I desired and today actually I am living it! I don’t cry anymore, I don’t wish to die nor I ask myself this question that “Why this happens to me?” I think I have found the secret of happiness, the secret of life.

It’s just mind playing games with you not life! Be a master of the mind rather than mastered by the mind.I practiced these ideas/formulas and it worked for me so I am sharing with you now.And don’t forget to pray! This is the most important thing to discover peace of mind,happiness and life!




INSPIRED BY THE AUTHOR: Norman Vincent Peale


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