Wish Upon A Star.



She sat in the echoes of words,
That she couldn’t say,
Her mind was in crosswords,
For her it was like a battle of midway.
She wished her mind to be as clear as black and white.


Her heart became so desolate,
Not want to, but inculpate her fate,
There was something in those dreary eyes,
So weary listening to the bitter lies.
She wished somebody could hug her
And say “Everything’s gonna be alright.”


Her eyes spoke insistently,
wishing someone could read or discover,
The anguish that she was dealing constantly,
And even at times, being herself was a lot tougher.
She wished her predicaments would evitable.


Oh girl,take a deep breath,
I believe there is a path,
Without footprints begging for you,
To take the first step.
Let not this world befuddle you.


Those memories that distress you are scorn,
Don’t let the burdens on your shoulders born,
A little faith and I know you’ll rise again.
Hard life? Everyone has one,
So be grateful for the sunshines.


Close your eyes and wish upon a star,
Everything will get better.
I know you’re fearless,
A glowing spirit.
You are lionheart!




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