Be With God.


I never made a sound of my grief or loss.I just layed in affliction staring at the blurry starless sky.The tears were falling but not from the eyes but from heart.It was different, a different pain.Couldn’t comprehend what exactly had happened to me.
Maybe I was a joke or maybe my life was,they laughed and laughed until I covered my ears,closed my eyes, I wanted to run faraway,or maybe I wished to disappear between those wispy clouds.Life was not working out it was crashing down.

They treated me the way no one deserved to be treated.They were merciless! I wanted to scream and tell them that I am just a human and I do not deserve this but I was so feeble that I couldn’t utter a single word.They neglected my voice and the truth.They were ferocious!

Heaving every piece of me,I pleaded and bellowed but they were unstoppable.I bawled but no one heard a thing.My forlorn eyes and my body lying under the scorching surface where everything seemed blur and chimerical.Everything made me groggy.

The stolen memories of me being chirpy, with no disappointments,no red eyes,no dismal only tranquility.Life was like a fairytale.I was grateful,optimistic,naive,my heart was clear from all this dirt.

And now I can see the difference between the wee me and the ‘me’ now.Mom was right,this place was not for us.For a second it seems exquisite but when you get to know it from it’s depth you discover that it’s fake and nefarious.

I was lost for words.I just needed a hand that could clasp mine and save me from this hell.Though my heart was bleeding and it was broken as my soul craved for tranquil, and I wanted to negotiate but something inside of me wanted to fight.I still had faith,I had faith in God.
I closed my eyes for a moment and I felt God was filling the power within me,to conquer,to rise again.I felt some kind of energy loading within me.And then a miracle happened,I stood on my feet,strong I felt.
The light blazed and burned them all, and little did I knew that it was HE who gave me a chance to Rise.
The New Me Thrived.

Put your trust and faith in God and you will be the strongest person ever.You will have the courage to fight from your obstacles.No evil then can harm you and if you ever be fallen in darkness,He will guide you towards the light because He is the bravest of all!


Have Courage, Be Kind and keep a little Faith.



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