One Year Completed!


I passed one whole year with WordPress! That’s just impeccable! It’s unbelievable! It’s been a great journey so far, I’ve known some genial people here.Thank you for every follow, every like, every comment.You all are a part of my family now.A massive thank you to every single person.I’ve no words to express at the moment.


At the age of fourteen,I wrote my first poem “Imagination” (It was also my first post here.You can check out if you want.Here is the link ) And I didn’t even know that I could write.It was my English teacher who just suggested if anyone could try to write anything but by their own.The idea of trying came to my mind and there it was…from that moment my writing journey started!
That day I realized what my talent is, after awaited nights and days I finally figured out who I am gonna be! Not only I started gaining interest in writing but it became my dream,my passion! Something I fall in love with.The connection between my pen and me was inexpressible! It was extraordinary.In those days, my teacher helped me,supported me and most importantly she believed in me like no one else did.


It’s been 2 years now but still my intense passion still continues.It’s been a crazy journey and I have learned so much during on it’s way.I still am learning.I still have to go a long way.

I got an idea of sharing my work with other people so then it brought me at this platform and I am satisfied with my decision that I took last year,to make my own blog.
I really don’t care about the popularity of my blog nor I care how much likes I am getting…the thing I really care about and think about is: Is my work useful to somebody? Did I ever motivated or inspired someone in any way through my work? This is my goal of life.This is what I have to achieve.
1 year and still counting, my journey has been incredible so far and I will make sure that I make rest of my journey worthwhile! I love what I do and this love will never fade away.


A massive Thank you everyone! You are so special and I learn a lot of things from your work too! Your work motivates me to do better and better and I am trying my best.


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