A Rainbow After the Rain.


She looks in the mirror everyday in the morning and at night, and every time she look,she looks different than before.Her face glows and a smile comes across her pretty face.Sometimes she is astonished to what she sees.She is optimistic,carefree,chirpy and happiness filling her heart.She is pleasured to have a tender heart.She feels beautiful inside and out.She has wings of freedom.She loves when she feels the sun against her skin,the clear blue water against her feet.She feels damn good about everything.She has too many flaws to be perfect but too many blessings to be ungrateful.

She no longer has both hatred and misery at the same time.She no longer has that puffy red eyes,they are not stone cold,and they no more contain the amount of sadness hidden beneath.Before the salt water would outlined the inside of her eyes like tears gonna start falling at any second.There was grief and she would stay in a corner in that woeful days.Thinking what he has turned her into but the worst part,is that she let him turned her into a disastrous person,his sudden change jinxed her whole life.He was a poison in her mouth and she knew death would kiss her anytime.There was no way to fix it.There was no turning back time.All that left was remorse and that was the cost of broken heart.

Now, she is not afraid of the dark.She is spiraling.She has mend her heart and soul.She has learned to see the brighter side of everything.She has learned to accept,to cherish,to smile,to be positive,to believe that it’s not the end it’s just a beginning.She has learned to see the light in the darkest of nights.She has hone her skills.She believes in will-power and God’s power.

The cold days are gone and she fought her demons with chivalry.She knows that her demons live within her,but she also know that she is much stronger then them.And if they ever tries to drown her in the sea of evil darkness,she will always find her lighthouse and she will come back home.
As little did she knew that there is always the end of evil and the beginning of virtuous.

You’re all you’ve got,

Feel blessed,

Give time to yourself,

Feel the power that God is sprinkling on your soul,

Explore the galaxies within you,

Discover yourself,

Fall in love with yourself,

And while working for your growth if you ever feel alone remember,

“Lions live alone & that’s how they rule.”

“She learned to dance in the rain,
She is like a rainbow after the rain.”



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