My Six Year Old Self.


If I met my six year old self today,
What would I tell her,
What would I say?
Would she recognize herself,
When she looked into my face?
What would I say,
If she asked about those dry teary eyes?
Would I warn her of the future,
Of the dreadful things yet to come?
Or would I leave her be naive,
To keep having fun?
Should I inform her the truth,
That the world is so cruel?
How she will react,
If I say anguish will be her forever friend?
Would she believe,
That heartbreak will all that be left?
Should I tell her to think thousandth time,
Before making a choice?
Or else she will remorse till her last breath,
Should I beware her of the people,
As they will play a role of evil
And sting her like needles?
Should I tell her never to afraid of the dark,
Cause it will be a lullaby at some part?
Because my six year old self,
Believed the world a perfect place,
Even though I’ve learned so much more,
And ten years have passed since then,
I would give up everything I have,
To view life through her eyes again.



19 thoughts on “My Six Year Old Self.

  1. This is lovely and made me think would i tell my six year old self of what was to come. I was quite quick to pick up stuff. But i would let my six year old self be as she is ,, because my wholeness and stability came from knowing my parents and brother love me.. and knowing that life is not easy would spoil that foundation.. and who knows if i would even understand anything at six.. well that what i would do… i would let me be six and carefree lodt in my world..

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    1. I really agree with you.I have too asked this question to myself which only gives me this answer that I would let her be what she wants to be and let her live that innocent life until it stays innocent and sweet.
      Thank you for the lovely comment! 🙂

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  2. A beautifully constructed write.
    You are so young to have known the sting in the tail of life,
    but you obviously have.

    For that I wipe the wet from my face
    and wish it wasn’t so.
    That as a teen there are still
    horrors you don’t know.

    Things that make myself gasp
    That slip through my aging grasp
    hate and fear don’t belong
    To a girl so very young.

    I have known so very long
    that love resides inside a song
    And despite the pain and dying air
    this world is full of love and care.
    😇 Have a wonderful week.

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  3. A beautifully penned poem, I found my way here via Ellen’s blog and I’m glad I did.

    A very emotional poem which depicts the sad reality of today. Yet, let her be that innocent flower who grows with time, and learns to survive with her experiences.


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