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I wanna lay by a lake in Norway,
I wanna walk through the chrysanthemum,
I wanna see the Russian winter,
I wanna see all the Hungarian lanterns,
I wanna walk through that dilapidated home,
I wanna walk on the road that leads to Rome,
I wanna be free as the winds that blow past me,
I wanna fly high as the birds fly with glee,
I wanna stand underneath the Eiffel tower,
I just wanna be like those fluttering wildflowers,
I wanna be wise like mountains,
I wanna dance through the mossy fountains,
I wanna touch the clouds and the navy blue sky,
I wanna be like the glistening sun very high,
I wanna sail on the boat on the Norwegian sea,
I wanna read a book under a flame tree,
I wanna see the forests in Africa,
I wanna wander around through all Canada,
I wanna explore Disneyland all across the world,
I wanna get lost deep in my own dream world.



Like fleeting fireworks fading too soon,
I wanna be happy and full as the moon,
I see the world through stardust,
I am a girl consumed by wanderlust.



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