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Kindness is contagious.


She is probably never loved,
But still, she went out to spread love,
But never complained in return,
Silence and long hours of the night,
And the stars above were enough,
To cry her heart out in the moonlight.
She wanted someone there at 3am,
But she thought she had asked too much,
She never judged anyone,
Cause she knows we’re only human,
She must be dope, for them, it wasn’t enough.
She was always aware of people’s feeling,
But they forgot she too holds a heart,
The wounds that she bled, healing.
But the new ones replaced in a constant.
She never uttered a word of pain,
And let them devastate her again and again.


But she did all for the simple act of kindness,
But people’s mind within was utter blindness,
She believes, being kind to the humankind,
Is an act that will set you apart
From every other person because
It shows that you have a malice-free heart.



Kindness is like the burning candle.It can light a life and show the way apart from the darkness.It can change a life and the world.With a miracle and a promise to wipe away grieve and sorrow.Kindness is a path which connects the destinations of love and hate.

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