Sunset In Amsterdam.


Leaving behind all the worries,
A trauma of vicious memories.
Fighting with all the demons,
Finding the cryptic reasons.
For the questions in her heart,
That she kept asking from the start.
But instead she sat quietly,
Her tranquil gaze, her heart warmed finally.
Alone and dreaming frightfully,
And surrounded by society.
But all her thoughts came to an halt,
As the sun began to disappear.


She had a lot to talk about,
And many things to ask and say.
Whenever she sat still looking at something,
Something that just don’t mean nothing,
For others.
She felt dissipating the precious time,
When she should be out there living life.
She could spend her time better,
Because their was so much to learn.
She thought she knew what made her happy,
And what made her sad,
But it was difficult, everything was a mess.


And yet, the sun sank lower in the horizon,
Clouds filling up with rays of pink and indigo,
The exquisite scene no one could forgot,
Nor could deny how appealing it was.
She found what she was struggling for,
A scene like that was all she want.
One day be able to sit and relax,
And contemplate such a sunset.
Pictures of elegance are captured alone,
People and roaring streets unknown.


Living life is not only chasing life and dreams,
But doing what makes you happy and it seems,
The world has forget to live and breath,
The glittering of sun’s strange beams.


The one who have lived in joy
Laughed in the face of death,
Will never ever die in regret.


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