2017: A New Chapter.


is the year you start loving yourself

and stop hurting yourself.
It’s a year to care, to take your life
into your own hands.

The next chapter of your life is about your own well-being.It’s the time you stop looking back.To only keep a memorabilia of ecstatic days.It’s the beginning of a new year and hopefully a chance to start over, a chance to get rid of your past which is futile and weary.It’s the year you stop yourself feeling to much and put a halt on overthinking.It’s the year you stop waiting but focusing on who you want to be and what kind of life you want to be living.The year of realization that how much potential you hold within and to start knowing your worth and lose yourself freely in gales without being frightful.
It’s the year you create something that outlives you, that starts a revolution in your life.


The next chapter of your life is about to start respecting your feelings.It’s the time you stop ignoring it, or stop running from it.It’s an act of bravery to feel your feelings.
It’s the time to heal and cover the wounds.It’s the year you admit and learn from your mistakes and start all over again.There is always time to start over.The next chapter of your life is about forgiving yourself.All the mess that has been made, it’s time to gather it back.Remorse should be left behind.It’s time to collect all the bits and pieces that were lost along the way of loving.


The next chapter of your life is about forgiving people and showing kindness.It’s the year you stop wasting your time on hating or despising someone,the year of forgiveness and love.
It’s the year of faith and believing in miracles.It’s the year of living and leaving fear behind you.It’s time to stop settling for thoughts that belittle you and stops you from moving forward.It’s the time you stop doubting yourself instead start saying you deserve those things.It’s the time to start thinking you can have whatever you want.


The next chapter of your life is about your heart,mind and soul.It’s the time you mend it.It’s time to bring tranquil back to it.It’s time to nourish it and if you haven’t already, it’s time to find it.It’s time to go places and be with people who make your soul glow.The next chapter of your life is about to cherish your loved ones.It’s time to be grateful for whatever you had and still have.
The next chapter of your life is about finding yourself and that doesn’t mean you’ve to detach people or spend all nights alone, you can let as many people as you want in, as long as you’re the one holding the pen.


The next chapter of your life is about availing all the opportunities that you’re given.The next chapter of your life is only about you because you’ve been in total chaos and busy pleasing people that you’ve forgotten who you are and where you belong.It’s time to start discovering God’s extraordinary creation.It’s the year to start your search for whatever you’ve been looking for and do not settle until you know you’ve found it.


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