Depth of Love.


She was not a open book,
For all, she was a mystery.
Her thoughts like river,
Her eyes dream to look beyond the depth,
Of her mind beneath the light,
A world dark needing a flashlight.
The intensity of her thoughts,
An ocean of feelings,
A world left unexplored,
Hidden under in the depth of the sea.
Fear was now her forever friend.
The water seemed bleak,
A place she even did not dared to go,
No courage, her mind was a wreck,
Because she knew with all deep water,
Came a deadly lack of air.
Then she saw him near the shore,
There eyes met and that was all,
A start of something magical.
Broke free from her cage,
And into the darkness they both went,
He told her not to fear her thoughts,
As he took her by the hand,
And swum deep within all the places,
That their lungs could not withstand,
In their new found love they both forget,
The importance of their breath,
And interwoven in a world they’d found,
They both drowned in it’s depths.


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