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My Kind of ‘Busy’

I lied and said, “I was busy.”
I was busy;
But not in a way most people comprehend.

I was busy dealing with my mind.
I was busy planting new flowers in the garden of my mind.
I was busy plucking out the weeds.
I was busy fighting with my demons.
I was busy taking deeper breaths.
I was busy reading a book.
I was busy nourishing my mind.
I was busy watching the breathtaking sunsets.
I was busy looking at the sky full of stars.
I was busy having a conversation with the Moon.
I was busy listening to loud music.
I was busy practicing the art of silence.
I was busy living simple little moments.
I was busy dancing in the Moonlight.
I was busy praying and thanking God for everything.
I was busy learning my favorite essay.
I was busy being elated in my own world.
I was busy appreciating my flaws.
I was busy working over my anxiety.
I was busy calming my pounding heart.
I was busy growing up spiritually.
I was busy taking care of myself.
I was busy telling myself that I’m okay.

Sometimes, this is my ‘busy’
And I will not apologize for it.

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