Not Today



“Life is a balance between the light and the dark.”

Sometimes I think what life could be like if their were no heartbreaks.It would be a different world then.But reality is without broken hearts life is incomplete and without it we could never learn how to breath.

Our life have good days and bad days.The difference is good days passes us by quickly but bad days feels like forever.
As I am dealing with my worst days I hope for better days ahead and I never stop being strong.That’s what I’ve always believed in.

I just want to share with the people out their who are having a bad day.That it’s okay to feel hazy and dejected.It’s okay if you don’t feel like working.It’s okay to lay down for a while and forget what can you lose.You can do it tomorrow what you’ve missed.If you’re having a bad day then just sit, relax and calm yourself down.
Eat what you like or whenever you like.It’s okay if you don’t want to talk to anybody. We all have bad days and you don’t have to worry about it.
Just hope and be positive that tomorrow will be a new day and a fresh start.

It’s okay if you can’t sleep at nights.At times when you need it the most.No worries you’ve music, books and food by your side! And most importantly, God is always there for you.
“Flicking lighters just to fight the dark.”

It’s okay if you’re not feeling yourself today but you know you’ll be fine.
Today is not that day,maybe tomorrow.


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