Let Me Lead You Out.



Let me lead you out
Cause you are so brutal
You are the screams in silence
You make little moments futile
You make my life so timeless.
Let me lead you out
You left me hanging in four walls
on a breakable thread.
I see the vulturous circling in dark clouds
You force me to put a mask in crowds
where I just want to be myself
but I have to put my feelings on a shelf.
I keep breaking promises
Feeling guilty and hopeless
Tired and weary on sleepless nights
You made me feel like falling from a great height
Darkness that blinded me every time
Let me lead you out
I don’t want you here
I was never yours and you never mine
You ain’t ruining my mind and body
I want to get rid of inimical days
That you’ve brought
I’m not ashamed of you
I am a survivor in more ways than you know
So I’m not giving up on me that easily
Let me lead you out personally
Cause this is the last time
You won’t me coming back to me
Ever Again.


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