Humanity: a choice to make.


A hero can fail sometimes.
An optimist can lose all hope.
The light can fade and become darkness.
An innocent can change and feel repentant.
The powerful can be impotent.
A child can be a victim.
A hunter can be hunted.
The brave can be terrified.
The caring can be malicious.
A genuine can lose their mind.
A good can reveal his bad side.
A kindhearted can be cold-hearted.
But a human can save it all by humanity.


A story is not always one sided.Life can throw anything on you when you least expect it.You never know what role you’ll be playing next.But even on worst days and difficult paths I would never want to lose my humanity.I can let myself down but not my soul.I can’t forget who I am.I hope people would comprehend we are all together in this war and to conquer it we need each other.War is a defeat for humanity.
We are not perfect human beings nor do we have to pretend to be, but it is necessary for us to be a better version of ourselves we can be.
We are humans and that has been given.But keeping our humanity is a choice we have to make.


6 thoughts on “Humanity: a choice to make.

  1. I personally am an atheist, I’m not against any particular religion, I respect them all equally. My personal thought process is that I am a human & humanity is my religion. I’m not a religious person but I feel every religion in it’s own way preaches that god resides in all of us. So by indulging in an act of humanity be it a religious person or atheist like me I guess we both would be serving / connecting with god in the same way. An amazing post thanks for sharing, I truly am waiting to collaborate with you sometime πŸ™‚

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