Only You.




We sat opposites to each other
Our legs touching giving me sparks
And I discovered
It was you, Only you.
Our eyes met and I could see
the whole damn universe
You left on my heart a mark
It was you,Only you.
Slow and steady rush
isn’t that the way love is supposed to be?
I could feel your breath
And suddenly my heart was melting for you
I watched the sunlight dance across your face
And I was mesmerized
When I’m near you
the world fades away
It’s just the way you smile
the way you talk makes me hypnotize
The surrounding winds feels like paradise
You are not my first love
but I want you to be my last
Is there any possibility?
Cause you’re the magic floating in the air
The pure magic of undying love
And being with you gets me that way.
I’m falling harder than ever
And I wonder if you ever will understand
It’s just you,Only you!


10 thoughts on “Only You.

      1. Just being honest so no need to thank me it really is a great writing I hope to stay in touch with you would love to hear from you on regular basis 😊

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          1. The gratitude is mutual really thanks for following me as well maybe we can collaborate on a writing together sometime according to your convenience, If not then also I would completely understand and respect ur decisions but never let the words fall short in the exchange of ideas so do stay in touch ☺️

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          2. The respect is mutual I regard you as an incredible writer as well. My email id is so please do get in touch with me according to your convenience so that we can collaborate a writing someday 😊 looking forward to collaborating with a magnificent writer like you ☺️

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