Save the Day.




Don’t depend on people.Don’t make them the reason of your happiness.Because in the end when you need them the most they won’t be there for you.People tend to let you down, even your own best friend.Don’t ever let the weight of the world get to you because I know you’re much stronger than you think.
You can’t fall apart and go back destroying yourself because unlike last time you have no one else but your own self to save.You’re the only one who can save the day.
When it’s 3 am and you’re depressed, tears never seem to stop.You’re screaming to the moon about how life is so unfair,in that very moment who else is going to be there for you? When you’re screaming at the top of your lungs about how everything hurts so much and there is nothing that could numb your pain,where you just don’t want to understand or feel nothing,and you feel so hopeless and it’s difficult to breathe, who else is going to be there for you? No one.Just you.It’s going to get better, I promise.I know promises are meant to be broken and sometimes it’s impossible to keep that promise but this is something I’m truly sure of.
Everything is going to be okay.Not all days are filled with wrath of hurricanes some days are like rainbow, bright and colorful! You just have to negotiate over this hard part.Someday you’ll be living carefree and away from all the pain.A survivor in a war game.Someday you’ll be living a life of your dreams.One day you will be happy alone and you won’t need anybody.You will be happy and in love with your own company.


Let the light and the universe shine for you.


She walks with the weight of the world on her shoulders,

And she makes it look like a pair of wings.



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